Agnes Obel

Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel, born Agnes Caroline Thaarup Obel October 28, 1980, took up the piano at a very young age, honing her craft amidst the strains of Bartok and Chopin emanating from the fingers of her musician mother. She later drew inspiration from the work of Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson, and it was between those two worlds that her own sound began to emerge. Citing influences as diverse as PJ Harvey and Claude DeBussy, and drawing comparisons to the likes Ane Brun, Eva Cassidy, and Joni Mitchell, Obel's 2010 debut, Philharmonics, was written (with the exception of a cover of John Cale's "I Keep a Close Watch"), performed and produced by the artist herself. Pure, austere, and remarkably poised, the pristine mix of instrumentals and atmospheric, melancholy balladry, was both a critical and commercial success, especially in her native Denmark, where the record went double platinum.

With only two days to go until the release of Agnes' third studio album Citizen Of Glass, a new track from the album, 'Grasshopper' has been unveiled. An instrumental track with stunning arrangement, you can listen to 'Grasshopper' here.
Not only is 'Golden Green' a particularly beautiful song to be releasing - and it's video perfectly reflective of that - it's also extra special for us because it brings together two of our artists, Agnes and Jonas Bjerre of our Danish indie-rockers Mew, together in creative collaboration. ...