Joey Santiago is in love.
"I am!" he laughs. "The longest I separated from this girlfriend is probably a week. Then I listened to her again. Haha! I love it!"

The object of Joey's desire is his band's new album, Head Carrier. The Pixies' guitarist may have finished recording it months ago, but he remains utterly smitten. He takes it to bed and discovers little details he hadn't noticed before. "I was shocked at some songs, they shine at lot better than I thought they would. You could listen to this forever and enjoy it."

Not surprisingly, he wants to show his new baby to the world.

"I played it to some friends and both of them had goose-bumps - they just loved it! It's tough and lush. Warm and dark and murky…"

Santiago's giddiness might come as a surprise. This isn't his first time, after all. Head Carrier is the seventh Pixies album, in a lifespan stretching back 30 years to their formation in Boston, Massachusetts. But there is, the guitarist notes, a new element to the Pixies DNA this time.

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Grab onto your hats, kids, and holllld onto your eyeballs: PIXIES ARE BACK. They've got new music and tour dates but the same 'F*#% YOU' attitude as ever before. For a sneak-peek of what's to come, click here or check out the video above.
Last weekend saw the Pixies play Glastonbury festival, the bands first time back in 25 years. We couldn;t put it better then a quote from The Guardians review "If Metallica thought they were bringing the gargling heaviosity and demonic nightmare tunes to Glastonbury 2014, they've a whole lot still ...